Melifil is Genevacakes’ younger sister. Having sold only cake supplies, cake design supplies, etc. for sometimes, Elena decided that it was time to give a sister to this merry company.

 Sewing is the second thing which my (real) kids made me rediscover... At first bibs, small linen, then clothes for dolls, so many shorts, skirts, more disguises and even a jacket! Restarting sewing for your kids is magic and so easy (at the beginning at least): just a small piece of fabrics is enough. Then, you dare try bigger projects for the house: table napkins, curtains, quantities of bags, covers with computer, pillow, cases and finally projects of clothes for yourself!

And you don’t find what you want, you don’t have time to run in each and every corner of the city to find exactly what needed, and waiting next to ten days for the delivery is frustrating.... And thus in 2015 the project is launched: choice of the name, the design of the site, the careful selection of an initial choice of fabrics and finally launch of the site in May, 2016. I hope that you will have pleasure to go through our selection of fabrics and misc. sewing products.

We are always open to your requests to build together the store you dream about, with the products that you need.


Some more serious facts:


Melifil is also managed by the Sàrl Swiss Cakes, based in Geneva, we will treat all your orders with efficiency and speed.